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Types of cooktops

Many types of cooktops exist, all based on a different technology. From induction to gas, electric and ceramic, we help you understand them all here.

Buying a new oven: sizes and specifications

When buying a new oven, make sure to look at the different sizes, specifications, features & installation options available in Australia.

How to use a dishwasher

Follow our simple guide on how to use a dishwasher, from loading, using dishwasher tablets, selecting the right cycle and starting it.

Dishwasher cycles

Dishwasher cycles vary from quick wash to normal, heavy or eco - all with a different purpose and duration. Check out the recommended one for your use.

How to load a dishwasher

How to load a dishwasher can seem pretty obvious but there's a few things to consider before putting your dishes and cutlery to wash. Find out more here!