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Dishwasher cycles vary from quick wash to normal, heavy or eco - all with a different purpose and duration. Check out the recommended one for your use.

Dishwashers come with a variety of wash cycles and settings. While dishwashers come with different wash cycle names from the many different brands, there are common dishwasher cycles you will find in most brand dishwashers, and they’re all designed to suit different washing load requirements. Just the same as if you were washing your dishes by hand, if you’ve just cooked a roast and used multiple baking dishes and pans, your washing up needs and regime will be different to if you were washing a sink full of your favourite wine glasses. Let’s look at some of the most common dishwasher cycles, the cycles that most closely suit the majority of households usage.

Quick wash

For the person who just wants a quick wash dishwasher because washing the dishes is their most hated task and they just want it done fast - this is the perfect choice wash cycle for a quick clean up when you have a load of lightly soiled dishes and glasses or other essentials that only need a light wash and you need in a hurry. This is the setting to use if you want the fastest dishwasher cycle time.

The Mini 30 cycle in our dishwashers washes a full load in a dishwasher cycle time of only 30 minutes at 35oC, saving time and energy. Get a full load of lightly soiled dishes and glasses washed effectively in only 30 minutes.

Recommended cycle for: lightly soiled dishes

Soiled ceramic teacups to be cleaned in quick dishwash cycle


This is probably the most commonly used dishwasher cycle. It’s not the fast cycle dishwasher setting, but it’s definitely not the longest; it’s the Goldilocks dishwasher cycle that suits the majority of dishwasher loads. For your everyday load of dishes, when you don’t have dishes or cookware that have a tough build-up of baked on foods, but you’d like to be able to unpack the dishwasher in around an hours time, then this is the ideal setting for ‘normally soiled’ dishes. This cycle does not use excessive amounts of water or heat, and doesn’t have extra-long wash cycles, so it really helps to save on energy while still delivering a great wash result.

The Quick Wash 58 cycle in our dishwashers offers one of the quickest dishwasher programmes available. Washing a full load of dishes, in just 58 minutes. The special algorithm with unique drying, achieves cleaning & drying in just 58 minutes for an everyday load of dishes.

Recommended cycle for: normally soiled dishes

A person washing a dirty ceramic dish with a scrubbing brush


If you’ve got a load of very dirty dishes that you would need to give a quick pre-wash if you were hand washing them, or pans and pots that would normally require soaking, then this is the dishwasher cycle for this load. Washing with very hot water, this cycle uses higher temperatures and a longer cycle to clean the baked-on food and grime, this type of cycle will use more water and energy than a normal or eco cycle. Cleaning your dirty dishes at a much hotter water temperature than most people can tolerate when they are handwashing, your dishware is cleaned, but the high water temperature will also sanitize the items keeping you and your family safe. High water temperature wash cycles are ideal to wash baby bottles or any other dishwasher safe item you’re wanting to eradicate bacteria on safely.

The Inventive 70 cycle in our dishwashers, washing at 70oC, will wash heavy soiled pots, pans and dishes. The temperature is over 60oC during 43 minutes of the dishwasher cycle. They are cleaned more effectively, thanks to powerful water jets and high temperatures.

Recommended cycle for: heavily soiled dishes, baked-on food on plates and pots

Soiled dishes, spoons and forks


As the name implies, this cycle uses less water and less energy to operate. Using lower water temperatures of around 45°C during the washing cycle and rinse cycle, less energy is used for heating, and the amount of water required in the cycle is minimised also. This is not a fast dishwasher cleaning cycle; to achieve a satisfactory wash performance using lower temperatures and less water, the dishwasher cleaning cycle is a lot longer than the other dishwasher cycle options, and this time will vary by brand. If you have a load of glassware, dishware and other items that aren’t really dirty and you’re putting the dishwasher on as you’re heading off to bed, then this could be the ideal wash cycle, and you can feel even better that you’re using less energy and water when running that load.

The Eco 45 wash cycle in our dishwashers is the most economical washing program recommended for washing normally soiled daily dishes.

Recommended cycle for: medium soiled dishes

You’ve started the dishwasher and you’ve forgotten to put an item in, it’s always tempting to just open the door of the appliance and throw the extra item in mid wash. So, can you open a dishwasher mid cycle? If you’ve opened dishwasher mid cycle it can interrupt the washing process and will allow the hot steam which is used in the washing cycle to escape.  We recommend that you don’t give into the temptation and leave that item for the next load.

See all the wash programmes available on our 14 place setting dishwasher, or why not check our user manual for more details.

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