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Silver 14 Place Setting Dishwasher
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Silver Freestanding Dishwasher

Product Description

This feature rich, high-performing silver freestanding dishwasher from Altus is durable and reliable and is specifically engineered to provide a high-quality user experience and sleek styling. Multiple function settings and in-built accessories for various utensils like dishes, cutlery, glasses and much more are among its highly versatile characteristics. Choose from a variety of wash programs to suit your needs, right from a Quick Wash 58 to an Intensive 70, or simply choose the Clean & Dry function for more convenience. This economical Freeloading Dishwasher is designed to make your everyday life easier. 

Product Category Dishwashers
Model Number ADF140S
SKU 7621809077
EAN 8690842436239
Country of Manufacture Turkey

Product Dimensions

Product Height 850 mm
Product Width 598 mm
Product Depth 600 mm
Product Weight 40.7 kg
Packaged Height 897 mm
Packaged Width 657 mm
Packaged Depth 674 mm
Packaged Weight 43.7 kg


Colour Silver
Place Settings 14
Display Digital/Knob
Time Delay 3-6-9 hrs
Half Load Yes
Drying System Static

Energy Efficiency

WELS Water Rating 3.5 Stars
WELS Registration Number D02531
Energy Rating 3 Stars
Energy Consumption 324 kWh/yr
Water Consumption 15.3 L
Noise Level 49 dBa
Number of Spray Levels 2


Key Lock Yes
Water Safety System Overflow Safety


  Eco 45
  Intensive 70
  Clean & Dry
  Quick Wash 58
  Mini 30


Half Load

This function means that you can either fill top or bottom of your dishwasher. The half load function in a dishwasher uses less water compared to a regular cycle as you are just using half of its capacity.

Time Delay

Time delay function will provide an option to delay the start of your wash cycle. This can allow you to take advantage of the off peak utility rates. It will also not interfere with your family time if you want to have a conversation or watch tv.

All in 1 Tablet

The tablet drawer inside of the dishwasher door, will open at the correct time in the wash cycle to dispense the tablet into the wash. You can use all-in one tablets in this dishwasher.


Mug Shelves 2
Knife Accessory 1



Altus Silver Freestanding Dishwasher comes with a standard 2-year warranty and extended warranty to 3 years with online registration.

Standard Manufacturers Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturers Warranty by Registration 3 Years
Altus Specification Sheet ADF140S Download
Altus ADF140S Dishwasher User Manual Download

1. What does freestanding dishwasher mean?

A freestanding dishwasher like its name suggests uses a standalone design to comfortably fit inside your kitchen or anywhere in the house without the need of being integrated into your custom kitchen cabinets. It is easily installed and is equipped with various amenities and features.

Altus' Silver Freestanding dishwasher is all that and also has a 14-place setting capacity which can fit large dinner plates, small plates, cups, saucers, bowls, drinking glasses, and cutlery (knifes, teaspoons, dinner forks, small salad forks).

2. What is the difference between freestanding and built-in dishwashers?

The difference between freestanding and built-in dishwashers is as follows:

Freestanding Dishwasher:

When you want the flexibility to have your dishwasher put anywhere in your kitchen, not limited by building it into your cabinetry or under the bench, then a freestanding dishwasher gives you more options. Finished on all sides and on the top so you can place it anywhere in your kitchen. All our Beko freestanding dishwashers have the option to remove the top lid so it can be built under.

Built-in Dishwasher:

If you’re looking for a seamless design for your kitchen, then a fully integrated dishwasher is the perfect option for you. Designed to blend with the rest of your kitchen cabinets, you can have your matching cupboard door fitted, so it’s concealed when the machine is closed. The control panel is at the top of the dishwasher inside the door, perfectly hidden and seamless.

3. Do freestanding dishwashers need to be plumbed in?

No, freestanding dishwashers do not need to be plumbed in. They come in a variety of dimensions, including full-size, slender, and small variants, making them a feasible alternative for practically every kitchen. So long as it can be plugged in, a freestanding dishwasher may be placed practically anyplace in your kitchen. The only thing a user needs to do is connecting different pipes to the correct outlets, such as connecting the cold water pipe to a cold water source. This is the only part involved in the installation of a freestanding dishwasher. It is so easy and straightforward that you don’t need a professional plumber. Hence, if you live in rented housing a standalone dishwasher may be the best option since it is easier to move around.

* Specifications are correct at time of publishing. Specifications may change without prior notice.