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7kg Front Loader Washing Machine (AFL710W)

Product Description

Make washing easier with Altus’ durable and reliable 7kg front loader washing machine. Perfect for everyday wash, this washing machine comes with a variety of programmes that will keep you looking and feeling fresh every day. This economical washing machine is designed to make your everyday life easier.

Product Category Washing Machines
Model Number AFL710W
SKU 7144743700
EAN 8690842503597
Country of Manufacture Turkey

Product Dimensions

Product Height 840 mm
Product Width 600 mm
Product Depth 590 mm
Product Weight 67 kg
Packaged Height 880 mm
Packaged Width 650 mm
Packaged Depth 600 mm
Packaged Weight 68 kg


Colour White
Washing Capacity 7kg
Max Spin Speed 1200 rpm
Display Digital LED
Time Delay 0-19 hrs
Remaining Time Display Yes
AddGarment Yes

Energy Efficiency

WELS Water Rating 4 Stars
WELS Registration Number C02121
Energy Rating 3.5 Stars
Energy Consumption 342 kWh / yr
Water Consumption 72 L
Water Inlet Type Single/Cold
Motor Type: Inverter


Key Lock Yes
Water Safety System Overflow Safety
Door Lock Indicator Yes
Unbalanced Load Control Yes


  Cottons Eco
  Mini/Mini 14'
  Wool/Hand Wash
  Spin & Drain
  Dark Wash/Jeans



Pre-wash is an extra short cycle before the primary cycle that does wonders for heavily soiled clothes. A useful option for families that deal with heavily soiled clothing or families with babies or toddlers. The pre-wash cycle will fill with water, loosen up the dirt, stain, and debris in your fabric, agitate and spin, followed by the regular cycle. Prewash without detergent is recommended for tulle and curtains.

Extra Rinse

The extra rinse function will add another cycle at the end of your main cycle to make sure the dirt and the detergent is washed off as much as possible, keeping your clothes fresh and clean. Thus, the risk for sensitive skins (babies, allergic skins, etc.) to be affected by the minimal detergent remnants on the laundry can be reduced.

Child Lock

Babyproof your washing machine with this child lock function that will prevent children from accidents when the machine is operating. Use Child Lock function to prevent children from tampering with the machine. Thus, you can avoid any changes

You can switch on and off the machine with On / Off button when the Child Lock is active. When you switch on the machine again, programme will resume from where it has stopped.

When the Child Lock is enabled, an audio warning will be given if the buttons are pressed. Audio warning will be cancelled if the buttons are pressed five times consecutively.


A quick wash function designed for lightly to normally soiled garments that are needed quickly. After selecting a programme, you can press the Fast+ function setting key to shorten the programme duration. Despite this, the washing performance is good thanks to the changed algorithm.

Drum Clean

The prolonged usage of the machine can cause deposition of detergent, fluff residues or bacteria on the drum. To get rid of these deposits, it is advised to use this function for the maintenance of the machine. Use regularly (once in every 1-2 months) to clean the drum and keep it hygienic. Steam is applied before the programme to soften the residues in the drum. Please note that steam vapour may not be visible during the cycle. Operate the programme while the machine is completely empty.


Altus 9kg front loader washing machine comes with a standard 2-year warranty and extended warranty to 3 years with online registration.
Standard Manufacturers Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturers Warranty by Registration 3 Years
Altus Specification Sheet AFL710W Download
Altus AFL710W Washing Machine User Manual Download

1. Front-load VS top-load washing machine

It is one of the very first questions that pop up in your head when you are buying a washing machine, front-loader or top-loader?

To decide which machine is right for you, there are a few factors you need to weigh. For instance, what size of machine are you after, small, medium or large. How often do you do your laundry? What is your budget to buy a washing machine? How much space do you need to fit a washing machine?

Meanwhile, let’s look at a few differences between the front loader and top loader washing machine:

Front loader washing machines:

  1. They are more energy and water efficient
  2. Use less detergent compared to top loader washing machines
  3. Are typically gentler on clothes as compared to top loader models
  4. Often have longer wash cycles meaning washing clothes takes longer in front loader
  5. Do not allow you to add additional clothes in the middle of the cycle

Top loader washing machines:

  1. Use more water than front loaders
  2. Generally, less energy efficient
  3. Use more detergent than front loaders
  4. Faster cycle time than front loaders
  5. Allow you to add clothes in the middle of the washing cycle

Keeping in mind the factors and the differences, you should choose the washing machine that will best suit your usage.

2. What can you fit in 7kg washing machine?

A better way of doing laundry would involve knowing how much to load into each wash in your washing machine. We’re not suggesting you weigh your laundry before every wash, of course, but how much you load your washing machine has a big impact on performance.

For 7kg washing machine you can fit:

  • 5x small towels
  • 10x t-shirts
  • 4x jeans/trousers
  • 20x underwear/pairs of socks
  • 2x bedsheets
  • 2x pillowcases


  • A double duvet

3. How often should I clean my washing machine's pump filter?

It’s recommended that you clean your appliance’s pump filter every three months or when it’s clogged. This filter is installed to catch foreign items like buttons or coins, and to prevent these items from entering the drain hose. It’s located at the bottom right-hand corner of your machine.

* Specifications are correct at time of publishing. Specifications may change without prior notice.