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60cm Fan Forced Built in Oven

Product Description

Built in ovens are space-saving and can blend in with your kitchen decor. On the rear wall of a fan forced oven is a heating element and a fan. Altus' multi-function 60cm fan forced built-in oven saves space while also offering a heating element and a fan, allowing multiple meals to be cooked at the same time without the need to rotate.

Product Category Ovens
Model Number ABO6850FB
SKU 7729486393
EAN 8690842562549
Country of Manufacture Turkey

Product Dimensions

Product Height 595 mm
Product Width 594 mm
Product Depth 567 mm
Product Weight 30.0 kg
Packaged Height 655 mm
Packaged Width 660 mm
Packaged Depth 660 mm
Packaged Weight 32.4 kg
Cabinet Built-in Dimension Height 590 mm
Cabinet Built-in Dimension Width 560 mm
Cabinet Built-in Dimension Depth 550 mm
Undercounter Built-in Dimension Height 600 mm
Undercounter Built-in Dimension Width 560 mm
Undercounter Built-in Dimension Depth 550 mm


Colour Black Glass/Stainless
Oven Type Fan Forced
Gross Volume 85 L
Net Volume 72 L
Control Type Mechanical Timer & Knob
Max Temperature 295°C
Connection 10 Amp Lead & Plug
Number of Side Racks 5
Interior Lights 1 x Round (Top)
Number of Door Glasses 3
Cooling Fan Yes


Full Glass Removable Door Yes


Standard Cooking Trays 1
Tray Grill Insert 1
Shelves 2


  Fan Heating
  Grill with Fan
  Electric Grill
  Defrost Function


Standard Manufacturers Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturers Warranty by Registration 3 Years
Altus Specification Sheet ABO6850FB Download
Altus ABO6850FB Oven User Manual Download

1. What are built in ovens?

Ovens are one of the integral kitchen appliances that every household should own. Built-in ovens are space-saving and may be seamlessly integrated into your kitchen. They readily blend into your kitchen decor, making it look more modern and functional. Altus' 60cm fan forced built-in ovens are sleek and stylish, and they're designed to complement your kitchen space.

2. What is a fan forced oven?

As the name suggests a fan forced oven has an inbuilt fan that circulates the heated air throughout the oven thereby providing similar heat to every corner of the oven.

3. What is the difference between fan forced vs conventional oven?

The distinction between a fan and a normal oven is straightforward and virtually self-evident.

Fan-assisted ovens, often known as convection ovens, have an internal fan that enables hot air to be forced throughout the oven. A fan and a heating element are located on the back wall of a fan forced oven. The electric element heats up, and the fan distributes the warm air evenly across the oven's racks. The fundamental advantage of a fan-forced oven is that it distributes heat evenly, allowing multiple items to be cooked at the same time without having to rotate them.

A conventional oven also called as traditional, regular, thermal, or radiant ovens, merely heats oven interior to the required temperature before cooking the food by covering it in a layer heat. The dish nearest to an active heating element cooks the fastest in a typical oven. The heating elements are commonly found at the bottom and top of conventional ovens.

4. What are the benefits of a fan forced oven?

  • Circulating air helps dishes cook evenly
  • Less rotating
  • Improved browning and crisping
  • Accelerated roasting and baking due to the fast-moving hot air forced into the oven cavity.
  • Quick preheating
  • Easy to cook multiple dishes at once
  • More flexibility to cook on multiple racks
  • Recommended for cooking practically everything, including meats, vegetables, casseroles, and cookies
  • With fan forced ovens, consistent heat helps meat get brown and crispy on the outside while staying juicy and tender on the inside.

* Specifications are correct at time of publishing. Specifications may change without prior notice.