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White Bottom Mount Fridge (396L)

Product Description

Bottom-mount fridges can help save kitchen space while also providing convenient access to the items you use often. A bottom mount fridge is intended to always keep your fresh food space accessible, which is perfect if you use your fresh food items regularly. The Altus 396L White Bottom Mount Fridge is a spacious, stylish, and energy-efficient appliance that works well in any kitchen.

Product Category Fridges
Model Number ABM396W
SKU 8700000893
EAN 8859377108428
Country of Manufacture Turkey

Product Dimensions

Product Height 1725 mm
Product Width 700 mm
Product Depth 670 mm
Product Weight 72 kg
Packaged Height 1813 mm
Packaged Width 760 mm
Packaged Depth 730 mm
Packaged Weight 79 kg


Total Net Volume 396 L
Fridge Net Volume 282 L
Freezer Net Volume 114 L


Cooling System Type Frost Free
Colour White
Holiday Mode Yes
Illumination LED on Side Wall (fridge)
Door Open Alarm Yes
Antibacterial Odour Filter Yes
Eco Mode Yes
Reversible Door Yes

Fridge Features

Number of Crispers 1
Height Adjustable Shelves 3
Total Glass Shelves 4
Full width Door Racks 3
Egg Tray Capacity 12 Eggs

Freezer Features

Freezer Drawers 3
IceTrays 1

Energy Efficiency

Energy Rating 3 Stars
Energy Consumption 404 kwh/year
Climate Class SN-T
Refrigerant R600a
Noise Level 39 dbA


Standard Manufacturers Warranty 2 Years
Manufacturers Warranty by Registration 3 Years
Altus Specification Sheet ABM396W Download
Altus ABM396W Fridge User Manual Download

1. What is a Bottom Mount fridge?

A bottom mount fridge, also known as a bottom freezer fridge, has a fresh food section on top and a freezer chamber on the bottom. These fridges, when compared to top-mount fridges, provide significantly better access to fresh foods and beverages, which are likely the products most used in any household.

Bottom mount fridges have the same characteristics as regular refrigerators and freezers, such as flexible storage and advanced technology. If you open your fridge door more than your freezer door, you'll find that everyday staples like fresh vegetables are easy to reach in a bottom mount fridge without having to stoop down. Also, bottom mount refrigerators have larger freezers than top-freezer refrigerators, which is a big plus.

2. What is the difference between a Top Mount and a Bottom Mount fridge?

A top mount refrigerator is likely what comes to mind when you think of a classic refrigerator. These fridges, often known as top freezer refrigerators, have a fresh food section beneath a smaller frozen section. The biggest downside of a top-mount refrigerator is that you'll have to bend down regularly to access fresh food. Many homeowners will find this bending to be inconvenient, especially if they have back problems.

A bottom-mount refrigerator, which has its freezer at the bottom, is a design with user-friendliness in mind. All of your regular food and drink are accessible at your eye level due to the fresh food section being at the top. As a result, when compared to their top-mount competitors, these units provide significantly simpler access to beverages and fresh foods, which are likely to be the products you use the most. Another significant advantage of these units is their big freezers, which are often larger than those found in top freezer units. Bottom mount refrigerators, like other kinds of fridges, are offered in both built-in and freestanding designs, allowing you to select the best fit for your kitchen decor.

3. What are the advantages of a bottom mount fridge?

Bottom Mount fridges have a variety of features that make it better than other types of fridges -

  • Bottom mount fridges have a sleek, chic, and modern design. It can elevate the look of any kitchen giving it a more modern feel.
  • Its fresh food section is easy due to being at eye level.
  • Improved efficiency – In comparison to a top mount fridge, a bottom mount fridge can be much more efficient. Laws of chemistry states that warm air always rises higher that cold, hence it seems rational for the location of the freezer section to be at the bottom of the fridge.

* Specifications are correct at time of publishing. Specifications may change without prior notice.